Thursday, January 15, 2009

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    Specializing in:
    *DMLS – Direct Metal Laser Sintering
    *3D Printing
    *RTV Casting and Urethane Molds
    *Laser Scanning
    *Short Run 1-1000 and Prototype

    Tim Ruffner
    Account Executive
    GPI Prototype & Manufacturing Services, Inc.
    940 North Shore Drive
    Lake Bluff, IL 60044
    Phone: 847.615.8900
    Fax: 847.615.8920
    GPI on Twitter
    Tim Ruffner LinkedIn

  2. Midwest Industrial Supply Inc.--full service inustrial supplier of cutting tools, abrasives, diamond tools, ext. We also do CADD design. specialize in paper to CADD conversions.
    1-877-215-9783 call for free sample of of new PIRANAH U.S.A. premium carbide & cobalt endmills

  3. "Small Town Welding Shop now employ's Robotics"
    This new industrial equipment fabrication and welding shop is equipped with computer controlled robotic machinery. These (state of the art) machines are necessary in order to be competitive with foreign suppliers. The new machines include a high pressure Water Jet cutting machine and a Press Break that have greatly improved production efficiency and CIS's ability to produce new products. Custom shop for decorative Metal Signs, Logo's, Tile and Flooring, cut Glass, Artistic Security Gates, Window Shutters, plus lawn Art and Furnishings.* THIS IS HOW WE DO IT ! *


    Classon Industrial Services, LLC

    354 Burson Road

    Camilla, Georgia 31730

    Office: 229-336-0900

    Fax: 229-336-0903


  4. Source More Efficiently! Go to to locate the ideal machine shop capable of meeting your needs for machining, fabricating and other custom manufacturing solutions.

    Precision Machining Services

    Machined Metal Parts

    Machining Services

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    American Machine Shops

  5. Proto Technologies Inc.

    22808 E Appleway
    Liberty Lake, WA 99019

    - Rapid printing
    - Prototyping
    - 3d Printing
    - Stereolithography
    - Selective Laser Sintering
    - CNC Mill/Lathe (4th axis)
    - Machining
    - Molds
    - Models
    - Quickcast patterns
    - Investment castings
    - Injection molding
    - Waterjet cutting
    - Women owned business
    - Small business

    We do work in all industries – automotive, manufacturing, machining, medical, prototyping, industrial design, aerospace, assembly, cutting, dies, fittings, fixturing, powder coating, finishing, tooling, welding, energy, etc.

    The leading online resource for manufacturing cost estimation.

    * Get FREE online cost estimates
    * Embed manufacturing widgets
    * Learn about process cycles and DFM guidelines
    * Compare processes and materials
    * Find similar parts
    * Locate suppliers

    Covering a wide range of manufacturing processes:

    - Injection Molding
    - Metal Casting (Die casting, Sand casting, etc.)
    - Mold and Die Tooling
    - Machining (Milling, Turning, etc.)
    - Rapid Prototyping

    ... and much more.

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  8. Machine Shop in Minnesota | MN Machine Shop

    Great River Machine Works is a small, customer-oriented machine shop and welding fabricator. We specialize in CNC milling, small turned parts, MIG welding, TIG welding, and rapid prototyping. We offer prototypes and short run machining (up to approximately 1,000 part runs), with quick turn around. Give us a call for all of your machine shop needs!

    Great River Machine Works
    7600 W 27th St, Suite 200
    Saint Louis Park, MN 55426

    Phone 952 303 6486

    Visit our website at

    View our blog at Blog

    Find us on Facebook

    Follw us on Twitter

    cnc, machine shop, minnesota, prototype, welding, fabrication, assembly

  9. Meenakshi Polymers (P) Ltd. is a pressure die casted products manufacturers and supplier in Delhi, India and also deals in leading pressure die casting components, and Pressure Die Casting Machines of high quality.

  10. Machine Shop Minnesota | Minneapolis Welding

    A machine shop is a great inventor's resource! If you are not a technical person, getting an invention or prototype made can be a daunting task. Great River Machine Works LLC recently completed several different prototypes for different inventors. One of our goals is to support the maker and DIY manufacturing communities, as we hope to stoke the fires of innovation that make America so great! Thanks to the internet, not all of our customers are from Minnesota. We are helping inventors from all over the country make new and exciting products in a wide variety of industries. Check out our Machine Shop Video to see more about us. Give us a call so we can help you with your invention!

    In addition to welding, Great River Machine Works has a CNC mill machining center with a 36x18x24 work envelope in our machine shop here in Minnesota. This CNC has enough size and horsepower to handle some pretty big projects. Let us help you with yours today!

    As the economy continues to recover, it may be difficult for manufacturing companies to find qualified personnel. The average age of experienced machinists is well over 50 now, and not enough young people are entering the trade for a variety of reasons. This can make it difficult for a company to ramp up production to meet growing demand. Great River Machine Works LLC offers contract manufacturing here in Minnesota. Look to us as a resource for your overflow manufacturing needs, either short or long term.

    Great River Machine Works LLC
    7600 W 27th St, Suite 200
    Saint Louis Park, MN 55426

    Phone 952 303 6486

  11. IntelLiDrives, Inc.
    8510 Bustleton Ave
    Philadelphia, PA 19152
    Phone 215-728-6804
    Fax 215-745-9459